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WordPress is the most popular of the CMSs we support with a market share of over 60%. That popularity means that it's also the CMS that is targeted most often by hackers. Because of this unwanted attention, it's very important to keep your WordPress site updated to the latest version of the CMS as well as all installed plugins.

Updating is usually as simple as clicking a few buttons, but if left too long, things can go wrong. Or possibly, plugins that have been targeted for exploits are no longer being maintained and need to be replaced.

Whatever your particular situation might be, if you need help with an upgrade, we've got you covered.

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Pre-upgrade information we need

When booking your CMS upgrade, there are a few pieces of essential information that we'll need. The information below assumes that you have a login for your site's control panel that gives you full access to all of its sections.

You might have a login that only has restricted access in which case, you might not see all of what's discussed below. If you can't locate your site's plugins, please mention that when submitting your booking.


Finding your WordPress version number is easy as it's written at the bottom right corner of every page in your site's wp-admin. It may also be displayed on your Dashboard page in the At a Glance widget, e.g.

WordPress At a Glance


WordPress plugins can be found on the Plugins page which is listed in the menu in the left column below Appearance. Once you've located this page, you can either write down all the plugins that are listed there or it might be easier to take a screenshot of the whole page and send it to us.


To find which theme your site is using, use the Appearance menu in the left column and then choose the Themes submenu item. Your site may have several themes installed, but the one it's using will have an Active label on it, e.g.

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