In Internet terms, there are two main types of migrations: server migrations and migrations from one system or platform to another.

We can help with both! Read on to find out how, or

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Server migrations

A server migration is when you're moving from one hosting computer to another. It might be because your web host is upgrading its infrastructure and your site is being moved to a newer, faster server computer. If that's the case, it's most likely that the hosting provider will do the migration for you.

But it can also occur when you've grown dissatisfied with your current hosting provider and you've decided to move on to someone else. Sometimes, the hosting provider you're moving to will perform the migration for you, but not always.

Another similar scenario is when you want to create different 'environments' for your website. A website environment is a duplicate of a website but at different addresses (URLs) that only certain people can see.

Web developers use different website environments for testing and previewing so they can make changes hidden from the general public until they're ready to be released. Creating new website environments is a similar process to performing a server migration.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at $100 USD. Exact pricing will vary depending on which providers you're migrating from and to as there is a variety of hosting control panels that different companies use.

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System or platform migration

A system or platform migration is when you've decided to change whatever system is being used to run your site. For example, you might have first created your site with a free website builder but after a while have found your site is outgrowing what you can do with it and want to move onto a more fully-featured CMS.

Or your site might have been built with one CMS but for whatever reason, you could never get to grips with it, and want to try an alternative.

These sorts of migrations require a bit more work as the process involves exporting the data from the original CMS and then importing it into the new one. And then recreating the templates for the new CMS.

Whichever type of migration you require, we have the skills and experience to help make it a smooth process.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to give a one-size-fits-all price for system migrations as there are too many different variables involved. But we'll give you a free estimate once we have all the details of your proposed change.

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