Upgrade Statamic

Statamic is another flexible, modern Content Management System (CMS). It can also run on 'flat files' or a database. Like all the CMSs we support, Statamic can be updated with the press of a button from within the site's control panel. But it also may require some manual involvement for some updates that require major changes.

And like the others, if left too long between updates, the amount of manual intervention required may be greater. If you find that your CMS upgrade requires more manual steps than you're comfortable with, we're here to help.

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Pre-upgrade information we need

When booking your CMS upgrade, there are a few pieces of essential information that we'll need. The information below assumes that you have a login for your site's control panel that gives you full access to all of its sections.

You might have a login that only has restricted access in which case, you might not see all of what's discussed below. If you can't locate the pages about your site's modules, please mention that when submitting your booking.


Unlike some other CMSs, Statamic's version isn't listed on every page. Instead, you have to go to Updates under Tools in the main menu in the left column (assuming you haven't changed the menu yourself and already removed it). From that page you can see which version your site is running and whether there are any updates available, e.g.

Statamic version


Just below Updates in the Tools menu is the link to the Addons page. It has two tabs and defaults to all addons available. The next tab displays the ones installed on your site.

Statamic addons